It Should Be Easy...

What if you could create a Web site as easily as you create a Word document? You could edit the content by just logging in with your browser and changing what you wanted in an online word processor. You could add pictures, place content where you wanted it and click “Update” so everyone else could see it. This is like Blog technology, but applied to your whole Web site. Easy to use and simple.

What if every time you created a new page you could simply choose to have it appear on the menu automatically, as either a main menu item or attach it as a sub-menu item with a click? Automatic menu management.

What if you wanted to change the look of your whole site as easily as you change the theme of a slide presentation? Different colours, new layout, content-supporting appearance just by choosing from a vast and organized library of themes.

Now let’s start to push the envelope. Let’s add a moderated discussion group with just a click. How about a chat room? Click. Maybe a Wiki to gather the wisdom of others. Conduct a short survey. Display the latest from your favourite RSS feeds, automatically. Have something to say? Create that blog and give RSS feeds to your visitors so they can track your latest observations. List events, make announcements, rank your FAQ by the popularity of its items, and ask for private feedback just to you. Feel like collaborating? Pool all your documents so only those on your list can access and contribute, or list items for download by all who can then rate them for others. Let’s add a database and keep lists and records of things.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, and so is collaboration. With a site like this, you could share your expertise, or gain some from those around the world. What would all this be worth to you and to others?

Contact us, because now it is easy.

Easy...   Simple...   Powerful.